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Hi, I'm Mirjana Pejic Bach. Welcome to my profile!

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Mirjana Pejic Bach is a Full Professor at the Department of Informatics at the Faculty of Economics & Business. She graduated at the Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb, where she also received her Ph.D. degree in Business, submitting a thesis on "System Dynamics Applications in Business Modelling" in 2003. She is the recipient of the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013 for the paper Influence of strategic approach to BPM on financial and non-financial performance published in Baltic Journal of Management. Mirjana was also educated at MIT Sloan School of Management in the field of System Dynamics Modelling, and at OliviaGroup in the field of data mining. She participates in number of EU FP7 projects, and is an Expert for Horizon 2020. Specialities: Mirjana Pejic Bach research interests are data mining, system dynamics, and information systems. Websites:

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system dynamics, simulation modelling, financial modelling, statistical analysis, data mining, Vensim, Weka, Knime, open-source software, organizational development, strategic planning, usability research, international travel, gourmet cooking, reading novels, drawing, pottery

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